Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Incredible Ways to Use Old Pallets or Scrap wood.

 It is absolutely awesome all of the differents things that you can create with scrap/free pallets or other scraps. Let your creativity flow, with just some nails or screws and some paint you can create a new bed, patio furniture, shelves to hang on your wall. The ideas are endless.
I really like this idea and it would make some really badass theater seating. Can you imagine your self hanging out in this room. My husband would go mad with joy. I can see a house full to watch the game or a boxing match. He would be in Man Cave Heaven.

 How about this Project turn an extra room into a lovely office, deck out your Dining room with this hand made creation and top with glass. It makes a very elegant statement. Shabby chic with a Masciline flavor. I think this will be my first project.

Take a look at this table you can seat eight people and it only cost the amount for the glass or wood stain or paint.

Such a great way to save money and still make a great fashion statement.

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 Make patio furniture or this would also be great for a basement family room or play room.

I could have used this in my boys bedroom when they were smaller it is so much more safer than bunk beds. make a large L-shaped bed in the childrens room.
Great space for herbs or pictures. I need this in ,kitchen
What a great work space to pay bills or keep your  leters and stamps.
No patio in the back yard: Create one this is lovely.

Group your photos for a beautiful statement.

I know I have lived in a few house that I could not get a queen size box spring upstairs this is an  easy fix,  (NO box spring required. If you buy a Platform bed at the store you would pay at $200 or more. 

Turn an old door into a great place to hang your coats in the mudroom or by the front or back door. 

The ideas are endless. The next time you see pallets that are free or laying by the road don't pass them by. repurpose and reuse them and bring out your creativity. 

If you have done your own projects leave me a message and let me know how that worked out for you. I would love to hear your comments.